Top TikTok Trends That Evolved During Pandemic

The App Enhances Mental Health

The media keep consistently preaching the significance of mental health, thereby resulting in the increased download of the TikTok app. It is reported that TikTok is positive for mental health and also the quest for exploring things during the pandemic situation, as producing and posting content can inflict a positive effect on mental wellness. Also the fitness challenges and dance videos can create a positive and fun-filled environment to stay connected with people on the social media platform. You can also buy TikTok likes to propel the familiarity of the content.  

TikTok outperformed in engaging and winning the masses compared to other social platforms. In a couple of months, TikTok took off due to various factors, including cross posting in other platforms. The platform has emerged as a rapidly growing platform.


People were largely impacted by boredom during the pandemic situation. TikTok users begin posting videos of sitting and watching out their dogs through the window. Also, while sitting, they kept asking questions like, “So, what do we like?, Watch people walking by or bark at other dogs? “


The hashtag gathered nearly two billion views. Also, it demonstrated how users are recreating their daily routine from the days before the COVID period. To divert from the negative aspects, many users began posting positive content on the platform. The users utilize video features to re-enact certain activities such as purchasing in a grocery store and enabling the effective run of daily Starbucks. Brands turned wise in keeping up with trends by offering filters and products that reduce the anxiety caused by daily quarantine life.      


While many gyms are closed, TikTok flourished with fitness. Several fitness influencers posted incredible workouts that are entertaining and casual movements to popular songs. Creators are spending their whole time making their videos smile and also benefit themselves. Even Top celebrities participated in these challenges.


It is one of the funniest trends in TikTok. TikTok released Time Warp Scan, in which a line moves down the screen and captures the screen along with its progress. A lot of users came up with weird ideas by implementing this feature. Using this effect, Grandad Frank turned him into a x-mas tree. There are also freaky videos made by couples and cute ones along with the pets.


All over the world, students are compelled to quarantine at their home. Now, computers have evolved as classrooms. Students exhibit their frustrations over the home school in the TikTok platform. Students express their longing for a live classroom ,also interacting with their friends and roaming around the campus. 

They create funny videos such as professors reading bedtime stories for them. Students grow their bonding by sharing their experiences on the platform.    


Inevitably, doctors stood at the forefront during the pandemic situation. They work for an excessive period, getting isolated from the families, and are compelled to travel across the states. In an attempt to honor them on National Doctor’s Day, TikTok released the Hashtag #CelebrateDoctors. The hashtag gathered more than 700 million views. It included the videos of doctors receiving appreciation for their contribution to the pandemic situation. Brands and individual users took adequate measures to encourage health care professionals.


TikTok is an excellent platform to identify talented people. The song “When I Look at You” emerged as a trend. The predominant technique for singers to divert from the tension lies in lying on their back and continuing singing. Amazing vocalists participated in the challenge.


Fans gathered competitive content after getting desperate over the cancelling of sports events. TikTokers began posting their favorite moments in the NBA. The NBA officially sponsored the hashtag. The hashtag included seven classic videos of NBA moments. Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and other athletes encouraged followers to duet with the original and imitated feats. It was a great move initiated by the NBA to recreate already existing content in an appealing way to the younger audience.


The fifteen year old influencer in TikTok gathered nearly forty-two million followers and was titled as reigning queen. The hashtag represents how teens are spreading the importance of self-quarantine. The fact that the dance getting viral conveys TikTok influencers’ power like D’Amelio and expresses Gen Z’s admiration of an applauding TikTok dance, but they also aspire to do good things at the right moment.